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I'm a software developer for Bento Box and one of the people behind Dames Making Games Toronto.

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Adeline’s Elopement


Adeline is determined to run away with her lover, the philosopher Glenmurray. Her mother, who doesn’t approve of this elopement, has ordered the servants to watch her and prevent her from escaping the house. Help Adeline elope by sneaking out of the house and gathering valuables to help her start her new life.

Adeline can become invisible for a short time by drinking the invisibility potions scattered around the house. Use the arrow keys to move and ‘Z’ to drink a potion.


This game was my final project for the Difference Engine Initiative, a workshop run by TIFF Nexus in collaboration with the Hand Eye Society in Toronto to encourage more women to start making games. I started with the idea of a game in a Victorian setting and/or a game based on a novel. Since I’m a huge admirer of the Thief games, I decided to go with a stealth/escape game. During development (and after choosing the name “Adeline” for the protagonist), I came across an early 19th-century novel titled Adeline Mowbray, in which the title character does indeed elope. Despite the not-quite-correct time period of the novel, I decided to take the novel as my inspiration and many of the details are taken from the text.


The stealth/sightline mechanism has been greatly simplified from the Thief model. Each level is subdivided into several rooms, mostly non-overlapping and bounded by walls. The “butlers” can see Adeline if she is in the same room with them and, based on their direction, in front of them. So, if the butler is facing left and Adeline’s X position is less than the butler’s X position (plus a “forgiveness factor/peripheral vision adjustment” of around 30px), and they are both in the same room, then the butler will see her and Adeline’s elopement will fail. Colliding with the butlers in any way will also lead to failure. The invisibility potions last for three seconds each, and any unused potions count towards a scoring bonus at the end of the game.