Cecily Carver

I'm a software developer for Bento Box and one of the people behind Dames Making Games Toronto.

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Company Loyalty

For the recent Dames Making Games 2-day game jam, Feb Fatale, I made “Company Loyalty.” 

I was in business school (with vague plans to become an accountant) when the Enron/Arthur Andersen scandal unspooled, and the image of frantic document-shredding always stayed with me. 

In the game, you play a corporate type tasked with shredding incriminating documents before the auditor finds them. The layout of the documents/shredder is randomly generated each time. 

I made this in roughly 10 hours, using Stencyl. The sound effects are by Jen Costa; everything else is me.

Play it below! 

Arrow keys to move. You can’t carry more than three documents at a time. When there are no more papers left, the auditor goes after you - if she catches you holding documents, you’re busted!