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I'm a software developer for Bento Box and one of the people behind Dames Making Games Toronto.

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News Has a Kind of Mystery

Me and my two theatre-related games are in today’s Globe and Mail! The piece covers my game for Praxis Theatre’s Jesus Chrysler, my game for Ride the Cyclone, the interactive web experience for Canadian Stage’s Red, and the Royal Opera House’s opera-themed iPhone game. The author notes that “in video games, as seldom in life or theatre, you can always repair your mistakes by starting again.”

In more game-oriented media, the witty and insightful Leigh Alexander recaps last Friday’s TIFF Nexus Difference Engine panel in an article for Gamasutra, with extensive quotes from me and the other five Difference Engine panelists. The Toronto Standard also has a summary of the events at TIFF Nexus, including the excellent discussions of feminism in games.

CLARIFICATION: of the games listed in the Globe and Mail article, I made the Ride the Cyclone game and the Jesus Chrysler game. I didn’t make the games for Red or the Royal Opera House.

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