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I'm a software developer for Bento Box and one of the people behind Dames Making Games Toronto.

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Dames Making Games Project: Jeuxly

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It’s been a very busy few months for me and Jennie Faber at Dames Making Games in Toronto. We introduced the first speaker social (or “show and tell social”) at the end of March and have been holding them monthly since, we accomplished some modest fundraising goals, and most importantly, we held DMG Toronto’s second incubator, Jeuxly

This was the most ambitious project we’ve undertaken as a team. Jennie and I took the format of previous incubators and, with a group of amazing volunteer mentors, built one-on-one skills-based mentoring directly into the structure to help the participants learn the skills they needed quickly. The participants brought a ton of skill, creativity, and hard work to their projects and there was a packed house at Bento Miso for the final showcase.

You can learn all about the talented participants and their games over at jeuxly.com. Each and every game is bursting with creativity. We will have them available for you to download or play online by September 1st! 

In the future we’re looking at tweaking the incubator structure to increase its reach and inclusiveness. We’re also hoping to introduce new programming so that previous incubator participants can take their games to the next level (as JAMuary participant Kyra Kendall did with her workshop game, Shop or Die). Stay tuned!