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I'm a software developer for Bento Box and one of the people behind Dames Making Games Toronto.

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And the Year Turns Over

It’s perhaps a bit late for a Year in Review post, but I’m going to do one anyway. Here’s what my 2012 looked like. 


My role at the COC changed up a bit, from “Social and Interactive Media Co-ordinator” to “Associate Manager, Digital Marketing.” Moving into the digital marketing/managment side of things has been a tremendous learning experience for me, and I’ve added a lot of new tools to my toolbox.

Also the Domingue/Carver productions continue (we jointly edit the video montage for each production):


Dames Making Games Toronto got up to a lot in 2012. Here’s the breakdown.

Against the Grain Theatre had a fantastic year, particularly with its production of Britten’s The Turn of the Screw.


Adeline’s Elopement got a facelift, along with a major rework of the mechanics and level design. If you played it before and enjoyed it, you should play it again. It was showcased at the TIFF Nexus Arcade in September.

In February I made the rather lacklustre Minor Celebrity on the Red Carpet for Spam Jam.

Books I Read:

When I count up all the books I logged on Goodreads last year, they total 29 (there are a couple more than that, but they’re the kind I won’t admit to reading). The ones that stood out the most to me were Les Liasons Dangereuses,The Devil in the White City, Middlesex, Lolita, and A Visit From the Goon Squad.

Things I Saw On Stage: 

Opera-wise, the productions I’ll probably remember the most were Love From Afar (COC), Salome (ROH), Semele (COC), and The Turn of the Screw (AtG). 

This wasn’t a good year for non-operatic theatregoing. I didn’t get out to much. I will be remedying that in 2013.  


The major event this year was a week-long solo trip to London. It wasn’t kind to my bank balance but it was the perfect trip and it was good to see some old friends.